sábado, 8 de noviembre de 2014

COLLEGE GIRLS. Stephen C. Apostolof, 1968

Friday! A calm weekend is coming (for me) after a hard-working and boring week. I feel lazy and I think I should watch a film with a easy argument. So it’s a perfect night to watch “College Girls”, directed and produced by Stephen C. Apostolof.

The Bulgarian-American filmmaker has a long filmography and he worked in many films doing another kind of jobs. He was specializing in low-budget exploitation and erotic films (now you can imagine what you can find in “College Girls”). Maybe you know his name because he directed “Orgy of the Dead” (although he is accredited as A. C. Stephen here), a film in which the infamous Ed Wood was responsible for the screenplay.

“College Girls” happened without any important response. It’s not a famous film in the sexploitaton genre. But if you like black and white erotic films, 60s stuff and psychedelia, this is for you!! 

¡Viernes! Se avecina un fin de semana tranquilo (para mí), después de una larga semana de trabajo. Así que qué mejor que enchufarse una película de esas en las que no hace falta pensar mucho. Por eso es una noche perfecta para ver “College Girls”, dirigida y producida por Stephen C. Apostolof en 1968.

Éste director búlgaro-americano cuenta con una amplia filmografía y varias colaboraciones en trabajos cinematográficos. Su especialidad fue el rollo barato y sexplotation (así que ya os podéis imaginar qué podéis encontrar en “College Girls”). Su nombre tal vez os pueda sonar, ya que fue el responsable de dirigir también “Orgy of the Dead” (acreditado como A. C. Stephen), película en la que también trabajó el infame Ed Wood como guionista.

En cuanto a “College Girls” pasó sin pena ni gloria, pero si te gusta el cine erótico en blanco y negro, el rollo 60s y la psicodelia, es una absoluta recomendación. 

lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

SCRAPS - S/T (No Front Teeth Records, 2014)

The Scraps debut 7'' is here! The three piece punk combo are introducing an EP with four energetic and raw songs in which punk '77 is the main influence for them. Just add a bit of Buzzcocks, Ramones and modern bands like The Briefs or The Vicious and you get the sound of The Scraps. Each song is easily enjoyable from the beginning to the end. They have a very good taste playing melodic and catchy riff guitars. "Waste my time" is an absolutely hit!!

And not just that. They have a special care with the aesthetic and design of their records. There are 3 variations of this 7”: the regular version is the printed collage cover (there are 10 different designs for this), the limited edition (100 only) are hand made from vintage Vogue magazines from the 1970’s and 1980’s. And the third and super-limited version (just 50) is an actual collaged cover. All different and were hand made by Marco NFT. Real art. Real "Do It Yourself" style!! 

They have announced many gig dates for the next months. They will play supporting bands as The Vibrators or Giuda. So if you belong to the class of punk'77 and fancy attend to a gig of punk made in London, don't miss The Scraps!!!